WordPress Training

Become an expert in managing your WordPress blog or website

Consulting for Newbie & Established WordPress Users

If you’re a small business or simply want to start your own blog, but are lost at what to do or how to get started, UDD can help. Your trainer, Jennifer, has trained many persons from start-up to established user on everything from “how to get started” to “best practices” for WordPress. Learn more about your potential WordPress trainer.

Best practices consist of  how to properly setup of WP settings, theme setup & settings, creating pages & posts, proper naming conventions, – to all the many practices and techniques that will make your site more “search” friendly.

That’s where a personal trainer for WordPress setup can help.

Unified Digital Design can help you get your site online, using proper techniques and we can also provide you further guidance on how to properly structure your site, write posts/content, use widgets and the like.

Small Business Package

$175.00 for three hours of in-house WordPress training.


An overview of what your WordPress Personal Trainer can do:

  • Meet with you in person
  • Overview of WordPress
  • How to get started – Quick Guide Overview of Setting up WordPress
  • Help you understand & setup your hosting environment
  • Setup ftps, emails and the like if needed
  • Install a WordPress theme
  • Install needed plugins or recommended plugins. Plus go over best practices for using plugins. (not all are created equal among other important facts you should know)
  • WordPress Security and backup managers
  • WordPress & Plugin updates
  • Customizing your theme – How to perform functions such as creating or editing pages, posts,  widgets, adding categories, etc.
  • Any questions you have about setup and design
  • Best Practices for WordPress and Search Engine Optimization

As you can see this is an extensive list. All of these can be hands-on, while your trainer walks you through, helping you on your way to becoming the expert. You may need all of the above or just need to learn how to use your new WP site after we or someone else has established it.

The amount of time you will spend getting setup could be a matter of an hour or two, or it could be days of research, playing & guesswork. We can provide you with written steps, as well as, “in-person” setup to get you started in as little as an hour.. depending on your needs. Contact us today through our web form and we will get back to you shortly.


Contact Unified Digital Design for a free consultation. Our rates are affordable and our quality is superb!

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