Social Media

The fourth Essential Element of the Digital Five is Social Media. While the order doesn’t necessarily matter (as you should add-in what you aren’t using regardless of order), we do have reasoning behind the Digital Five’s methodical order.

If you’re not using any Social Media platform, you need to be… like yesterday. As with the other digital elements we believe are effective and provide excellent ROI; Social Media has benefits you can’t afford not to be using. Does this mean you should be on every social outlet? Not always, as certain industries tend to work best with specific platforms, but there are reasons to use platforms that you may not always receive a huge following. The reason is Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO.

What Social Media platforms are the most popular? – From experience, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. There are many more platforms, but UDD recommends seriously getting these into your digital marketing program. If anything, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube. Here’s why:

  • Add “fresh” and important content about your business or brand: As with all the digital elements, this content is stored in cyberspace, which means it’s “searchable text”. Your posts, comments, shares and the like are all searchable and the more interaction the more “votes” per-say. Social Media platforms take time, but are essentially free to use on your own. UDD does recommend ensuring you are using them correcting, as gaining followers isn’t just randomly posting content. There needs to be some thought into it. Don’t just annoy people!
  • Brands you as the expert and lets you sell: Sharing your knowledge to the world is a great way to brand you as the experts. While you’re at it, post some advertisements and promotion too! Just make sure they aren’t pushy! There are ways of doing this sort of thing! UDD can help.
  • Your reaching the right people: Yes, even your grandma is on facebook now. So, whether young or old, you’re reaching the right people. And they are opting in to receive your “stuff”. Unless it’s “sponsored ads”, then you’re providing them a way to learn about you!

As you can see, you should be using Social Media for all the right reasons. From SEO to branding yourself as the experts, there is no reason not to get growing your online presence. There are many online tools that bundle Social Media platforms, making posting content a breeze. So how can Unified Digital Design help?

  • We can provide useful information to get you started or help you learn how to use your platforms for your industry.
  • We can setup and create your Social Media presence to match your brand identity (or build a new one).
  • We create posts, using best practices, for your in-house guru to manage or, we can create and manage your posts for your Social Media platforms.
  • We can help you create effective online Social Media Sponsored Ads.

Contact UDD today to learn more about Social Media. We’d be happy to help you use and understand it to grow your OVERALL online presence.