Blogging / Content Writing

Just as your website is the backbone to your entire Digital Marketing Program. It is believed by many Web Designers & SEO Specialists (UDD included) that BLOGGING is a KEY ELEMENT to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here’s why:

  1. Adds fresh content: Not just any content, but your content; about your brand and products. What does that do? Well, each and every new post, article – whatever you want to call it (but POST it is -in the WordPress Realm) is a new opportunity to go in-depth about a topic, which adds “keyword density” to your website. I won’t go into the logistics and “proper” way to post content (and there are many things to take into account that UDD can  consult with you on) for SEO purposes, but here is a tip – LET IT FLOW NATURAL.
  2. A place to organize your thoughts and/or knowledge: Let’s face it. Just about everyone does research before buying. But not only that; we also search… and search…. and search for DIY projects, information on anything “how-to” or any question in the WORLD for that matter! We don’t live in an age where you simply go into your brick & mortar stores without any information about a product. Buying decisions are influenced by online information. Price is shopped, YES. But so is online Review blogs and Company blogs. The more you get rave reviews online and provide information your users find useful (brand yourself as the expert!), and are seen as an expert in your area, the more likely you will get the sale and the more likely price difference won’t matter to the consumer “within reason”. The bottom line is; We live in an “information age” consumers expect you to believe in, and know your brand/products. Blogging all over the world, helps this happen.
  3. A place to start a dialog (if you so choose): A great place to not only get interested parties to comment (hopefully positively, but you can approve your comments), but a place to dialog back and forth with your readers/users. This adds additional “repeated” fresh content and as your site is viewed and your comments grow, your site is viewed as being “popular” in so many words. You can imagine what that means for “Search”.
  4. A place to link back to: from other websites (vote of confidence), your email marketing programs, shareable links/content, etc. Need I say more?
  5. A place to link out of: Here’s a great place to go in-depth about a product for example, with external links on “key phrases” pointing to content you believe might be helpful to the user.
  6. I could go on, but…. as you can see there is much value in blogging, and it’s easily integrated into your site or outside if you choose. So why aren’t you blogging?

We consider this the second Essential Element of the Five. Your blog is a SUPER POWER HOUSE OF SEO BENEFITS! Call UDD and ask us more about this wonderful way to “naturally” boost your online presence. STOP PAYING FOR SEO GIMMICKS! AND START BLOGGING! YOU ARE THE EXPERT!