[faq q=”Who is Unified Digital Design?”]UDD is independently owned and operated by a freelance designer who simply loves this stuff! Our overhead is low, so that cost savings is passed onto you, our customers. Our prices may be much lower than the competition, but our work means so much to us & it shows in the quality of our work.. Being operated by a complete neat freak, organized nut and PERFECTIONIST, we always go above and beyond with each and every one of our projects. Any of our customers would tell you that.

With a background in digital and print design, UDD was formed to break away from the traditional marketing you typically see with marketing firms. While we can design just about anything for print, we focus on digital design, and more importantly; design for FIVE CORE SERVICES that UNIFY with one another. WE ARE NOT your typical marketing firm; WE WILL give you honest feedback and constructive criticism, a free analysis and consultation of your current program, and discuss options that are unique to YOUR BUSINESS.

This isn’t a “one shoe fits all” digital program. Each business/service/product is unique, therefore we tailor your program and/or provide you recommendations to your existing program based on our experience of WHAT REALLY WORKS. That’s who we are in a nutshell.

[faq q=”Why should I have a Unified Digital Marketing Program?”]Simply put; it WILL BE more effective and you WILL GET more return on your investment (ROI) when unifying your programs to work cohesively with one another, reaching your targets through the correct media. [/faq]
[faq q=”What if I already have a website?”]UDD can provide you with an evaluation (possibly at no charge) of your current website. We can talk to you for free and ask you questions to ensure you are using your site effectively and not just letting it sit there and collect dust in cyberspace. Yes, websites that are not updated, collect cyber dust. Meaning they move down in rankings…

If your site is perfect and working for you; then nothing needs to be done to your site, but you may want to know what other digital media you should be using along side your website to:

  1. Grow your website conversions without breaking the bank
  2. Continue to be found in Search Engines
  3. Reach your targets
  4. Provide useful content to your customers
  5. Stay connected to your customers
  6. Sell more of your products and services

[faq q=”I’m already using some of the FIVE Elements in my program, Do you offer these services individually or as a whole only?”]UDD can provide you with an evaluation of your current digital marketing program. Whether you’re already doing one of these or all of them, we can:

  1. Ensure your current digital marketing program is working for you
  2. Ensure you are not over-spending on your programs
  3. Ensure you are using your digital media effectively
  4. Tell you how you can incorporate the other of the FIVE if you’re not using all mediums to reach your customers (Website, Blog/Content Writing, Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO/SEM)
  5. Ensure you are not paying high prices to one or more SEO companies for search engine optimization services that will cease as soon as you stop paying (this is  bad)


[faq q=”How are you so sure the FIVE digital elements work?”]BECAUSE we have seen it, performed it and watched it grow for other businesses just like you! The goal of these FIVE ELEMENTS is to provide the 5th Element (SEO), naturally, so you don’t have to spend money, time and resources on an SEO company. IN FACT, many business spend as much or more on just SEO, (with results that will either end once you stop paying or results that are not as good) when they could have been spending the same or less on these FIVE ELEMENTS as a whole, or even less if they only wanted to Blog for instance.

[faq q=”Do you offer consulting?”]IMAGINE if you had the tools to create or at least run your OWN DIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAM, utilizing these FIVE CORE ELEMENTS? UDD can make that happen. WE  CAN provide you with an evaluation and then recommendation on how you can utilize these five core elements in your business.  We will only recommend what we feel is beneficial to you and it’s customized to your business. Not all social media outlets should be used by each industry. Some work better for others, and so on. Each business and target demographic will require a different approach, different content and different strategic plans.We offer the following:

  • We can create your digital marketing program and maintain it with your guidance
  • We can create your digital marketing program and then pass it off to your in-house guru to maintain it
  • We can simply write up a written digital marketing program, with step-by-step guides on how to create your digital marketing program and your in-house guru can create it and maintain it


[faq q=”Do you offer training?”] In one word YES! Learn about WordPress Personal Training
WordPress Personal Trainer
[faq q=”Do you offer website maintenance or WordPress updates??”] Yes we do! Learn about WordPress updates, why they are important and how we can help.
Updating WordPress, Plugins & Themes